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Every girl has a fantasy about her marriage and her life partner, but when she is forced into an arranged marriage, she is not given much control over the choice of her future spouse. Although, the parents of the girl do their best to choose the perfect life partner for their daughter, but it is also true that some parents give more consideration to the wealth and property of the groom, instead of expectations of their daughter. In many arranged matrimony happening in India, the girl is not even consulted before the date of the wedding is fixed by the parents.

Pressure from in-laws

It is always argued that a love marriage offers more freedom and independence to the couple than an arranged matrimony. This is mainly because the girl has to conform to do so, many pressures levied upon her by her husband’s parents, like giving birth to a male heir, putting up well with the sister-in-laws, taking part in the family traditions and rituals and contributing to the family expenses.

When you get into an arranged marriages, you usually enter into a joint family which consists of your father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and may be some children. You will need to adjust with all of them if you want to stay happy in that house. That is why, it is said that in an Indian arranged matrimony, you marry not only your husband but also his entire family.


Usually, couples in love marriage know each other very well much before tying the knot and therefore, they understand each others preferences and inclinations. But couples in an arranged matrimony are total strangers and therefore, there is a lack of understanding between them, at least for several years of marriage. In a love marriages, the girl has freely talked with the boy about his family and the nature of his family members. But in an arranged marriage, all people in the house are strangers for her, including the husband. That is why, even if she has some problem in the home, she cannot tell this to anyone, not even to her life partner. As a result of this, several women decide to continue an abusive relationship, just to maintain their family’s respect and pride.

It has to be understood that a relationship can be successful only if the couple is ready to compromise, accept, love and be dedicated to each other. In a successful arranged marriage, the bride and the groom begin as friends and gradually develop deep love for each other, but only if they withstand the tough times they go through while understanding each others weaknesses and strengths.

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