Matrimonial Services/ Features Offered

"All matrimonial services on this site are offered free of cost"
i.e. "No charge for any anything at any stage".

Key Features/ Services -
Register Profile

This website allows you to create a very comprehensive matrimonial profile along with partner preferences. The profile and preferences consist of over 50 fields of information.

Photo Album

This site allows to create a photo album with up to 8 photograph along with matrimony profile. Features include:

  • Set any photograph as main photograph (shown in search results and your profile page) This helps to keep your profile fresh looking.
  • Hide a given photograph if you don't want to show it for any reason.
  • Watermarked Images to protect against stealing and misuse
Multiple Matrimony/ Partner Search Options

This site has implemented advanced search techniques so your results will be displayed quickly and accurately. These techniques have been utilized in all of our search engines. Some of the searches available are:

Contact Members

This site allows to contact member unlimited number of members. It also allows to send a brief personalized message that could contain an introduction.

View Contact Details

This site allows you to display your contact details like e-mail address and phone numbers along with your profile. Read More about this in Privacy features

Vivaah Intelli match

Vivaah match making feature called intelli Match is only available to registered member. Intelli match finds matches based on matching partner preferences provided along with matrimony profile.

Privacy/ Security Features

Vivaah website is privacy conscious. Some of the privacy features are: -

  • Ability to hide your Real Name
  • Hide your Date of Birth from Non-registered users
  • You can choose whether you want to display your contact details.
    • While choosing to display one can also independently choose where they want to display e-mail, phone numbers or both.
  • While choosing to show your e-mail address you can choose to show a secondary e-mail address keeping the e-mail with you you registered as private.
  • Watermarked Images to prevent/ reduce misuse or stealing
  • Disablement of right click on profile pages and use of overlapping images. images cannot be simply copied or downloaded photographs by doing right click.
In-Site private messaging

Vivaah matrimony website provides for in site - private messaging functions which allow to send messages, receive messages in a 100% safe and secure manner without revealing your e-mail address. Messaging feature includes Messaging Center and My Contacts. To use messaging you must first register and send an Expression of Interest to the members you are interested in. Once accepted you will be able to message them in complete safety from our in-site messaging.

Web 2.0 - Advanced Matrimonial Features
  • Vivaah matrimony web site provides various Web 2.0 Features.
  • Subscribe to feeds for all matrimonial profiles or only photo profiles
  • Mobile matrimony App based on HTML 5 responsive design for viewing/ browsing matrimonial profiles.
Site Design using minimum graphics/ images

This website has been designed to use minimum number of graphics. We have deliberately done this so that every one (including those using slow internet connection or mobile devices) have a reasonable experience of the site.

We wish you the of best luck in finding your marriage life partner on this matrimony site and hope you will find our website easy to use and of the highest quality.