Help - Matrimonial Profile Genuineness Assessment Tips

Dear Users, provides a platform to find your matrimony partner/ candidate by facilitating you to be introduced to them at the initial stage and providing tools that allow you to communicate with them with privacy. The website ensures that each profile created on the site has all of the information filled out. However, it depends on you to search suitable profiles, verify them by making most use of all the services this platform has to offer.

It is necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for a safe and secure experience. We are limited to actions that are within our control in ensuring your safety. Please read on for some tips that can help you to assess genuineness of a profile.

Some guidelines for assessing genuineness of a matrimonial  profile
  1. Use Social Media
    Social media may be a new concept for some of the alliances but they are very nice online platforms that provide a personal and professional pieces of information of any particular individuals. Once you are in touch with a candidate you can get details of their social media (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) account names. once you know the account names you can check out personal and professional attributes of the alliance and match them against the details defined on or that they have shared with you.

    On the social media platforms you can also try to find common friends or common distant relatives which can be referred for premarital verification.
  2. Set Partner Preferences and Use Express Interest option
    Setting up partner preferences is not only meant where you set the qualities that you seek in your future life mate. But it is the first step where you can begin to filter out the alliances that match your liking or preferences.

    It is advisable to start communication through the website using express interest feature which intends to guard your anonymity. You can contact eligible and compatible partners to express your interest or liking. You may receive interest from the other side with accepting or declining your interest after going through your profile. This method will land up with the list of profiles that really have an interest in you or that you are interested in.
  3. Use online conversation
    Once the profiles are mutually accepted, both the parties can access the personal contact information of each other. You can start initial communication by email or live chat instead of arranging personal or phone meeting. You can ask to share personal and professional biodata, horoscope, etc. All this information will help you to judge the genuineness of the alliance with respect to the profile that is created on Vivaah. Chatting will further help you to know about his culture, nature, personal characteristics, emotional status, family values, ambitions, partner choices, personal views on marriage etc.
  4. Verify Educational & Professional background
    While online conversation, you can verify an educational background of an alliance if you happen to find out somebody in your association taking education from the same school or college who share nearest passing year. You can also try to ask few questions related to his education or profession to verify the genuineness. You can even ask for couple references to cross verify the genuineness. Remember, this type verification requires lot of guts and take care that the way of your enquiry may not hinder his professional reputation.
  5. Verify Family Background
    If the alliance belongs to your caste/sub caste then seek verification from any of your elderly family member or family priest. In earlier days, word of mouth was the primary way of finding an appropriate match using the same source of reference. You will get to know the culture, history, social status and financial stability of the family. This is very vital especially when you are in search of bridegroom.
  6. Verify Residential Information
    If the alliance is residing in the neighbouring or not so far city/ state then you can send any of your family members/relative to verify the authenticity. You can even ask any of the distant relatives or family friends to find out about the alliance, his/her family details, their lifestyle, etc.
  7. Arrange a Personal Meeting
    Once you get to know about the nature, style, likings, preferences and verification of some of the above details, it is a time to start talking on the phone call. It is advisable to arrange personal meeting once you are certain to an extent about the genuineness and feel comfortable pursuing the relationship outside the online world. You can arrange personal meeting along with the family members of both the parties to better understand their preferences, views and expectations. The communication and social skills will help you to understand the genuineness to the entire family. It is also said - "In India, you dont marry a person you marry a family".

    Once the first meeting has gone off well then you can can spend some time alone with the other person to share your views and ideas with your partner. Even at this stage it may be OK to involve a friend or a common friend who can contribute in giving a feel of authenticity.
  8. Verify Emotional Status of the Alliance
    Premarital affairs are very important part of verification. You need to verify pre-marital love-affairs and emotional status of the alliance. These days, lots of alliances are involved in love-affairs but fail to unite with each other as life mate. Often, it is very hard to discard the affair and become free from emotional attachment. In certain cases, alliances are open to share their past love affairs. In such cases, you can sit together with the alliance, ex-partner and their family members to check out the current status of the past affair.
  9. Seek Astral guidance
    Typically, the Indian Hindu culture gives a lot of stress to match alliances astrologically. Astrology is altogether a science which gives you an idea about personal attributes of an alliance. This wil help to support your understanding about an alliance. Matckmaking also describe the compatibility between the alliances. It gives few important information about the facts of past and predictions of future which helps alliances to form a proper match. However, astrology does not give any guarantee of successful marriage.
  10. Investigation Agency
    Seeking help from an investigation agency to check the genuineness of any profile may give you little awkward feeling. But this is very common practice in high profile matrimony candidates. High profile family seeks help from such agency which take care of gathering each little information about the alliance. Relatives are cross verified, neighbors are questioned discretely about the habits, character, financial standing, physical fitness and past record of any alliance.
  11. Beware of money scams
    Watch out for money scams. There are just too many con artists and scam artists around the world, and they are everywhere. If you get a message proposing any schemes or request for money please write to us and let us know along with e-mail of such messages/ demands.


All you need is to give some space to serve your purpose of finding suitable matrimonial match. Without this, it is impossible for anybody to get to know about you. Yes, you need to go slow, trust your instincts and move ahead with your own judgements.

In case of any unpleasant experience with any of the profiles we would request to report it to us and if the situation demands to the relevant authorities immediately.