Learn why vivaah offers 100% free matrimony services?

Why Free Matrimonials?

Melodramatic as it may sound, the people of Indian sub-continent still believe that relations are made in heaven and we agree with this sentiment and firmly believe that "Search for the bride or groom should not come with a price tag" so we "do not charge for anything at any stage" during entire matrimonial process on this web site.


The Reasons
  • Rising costs of membership by various sites. Can everyone afford it?
  • Indian Sub-Continent's billions live in diverse economic backgrounds As per wikipedia India's per capita income is only around 50,000 rupees. Can all afford the rising matrimonial advertisement costs?
  • Usual means of payment are Credit Card and Debit Card. Data suggests only 5 to 10% have such means
  • People people of Indians sub-continent are relatively new to internet. There is some fear of misuse of financial info like Credit card number etc..


How we do it
  • Vivaah team has worked hard to find means which enable this site to run at lower costs.
  • Provide only basic support online through email to keep the costs low.


Vivaah plans to stay as a totally, completely and 100% free Indian matrimonial's site.

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